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Messilife is an ecclectic collection of resources and articles to help encourage and edify the Body of Messiah. Messilife is a play on words.  It stands for a “Messiah Life” while at the same time it reflects the reality of it not always be the sterile, prim and pressed life that organized religion often likes to portray.  THAT is not our experiance, once we started walking with the Father and letting him order our days.  As we have learned to be “at the ready” in our service to Him,we have learned that He uses us in unorthadox ways to reach folks. Of course He knows what He is doing, but to the untrained eye, it might look a little “messy”.

Grace and Obedience

One of the biggest mistakes being taught from the

The Appointed Times of YHWH

The Appointed Times of The LORD are established in 

Memorizing Scripture

Psalm 119:11 I have stored up your word in my heart, 

Great Teachers

Unfortunately there are many unsound teachers –


 Train up a child in the way he should go;  even when

Hand to the Plow

There are countless agrarian references all throughout

Set Apart

We are set apart for a true Lifestyle of Worship 

Q & A

There may be somethings on this site that challenge you

Biblical Calendar

The Ancient of Days extablished a calendar to be


no picture here


True Dicipleship is when we follow in the footsteps  


Matther 12:46-50 He was still speaking to the crowd


Studying and understanding history is very important in

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