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Really…it’s not “about us” its about יהוה (Yahowah),The GodofAbraham Isaac and Jacob and His Y’shua. We are simply a family of nine who live on a farm in the Southern United States, who love our Father and who want serve Him whole-heartedly, every day of our lives!

Yah (God) called us out of our Protestant Christian Church, where we once were decipled, taught, and served.  We continue to love our brothers and sisters there.   Our Savior has taught us how to take responsibility for our faith and walk in forgiveness in all things.  The more we studied The Scriptures and sought the will of our Father, the more He continued to reveal things to us that we had never seen in the Text or been taught in our church.  He took us out from under the leadership and doctrines of man’s religion (although we were perfectly happy there) and brought us directly into His House, to be trained and used for His purposes–A calling far greater than we ever knew, and one which we could never have earned and  never want to forsake!

Yah has set us apart.  He teaches us His ways and shows us how to share them with others.  He humbles us and convicts us and teaches us how to purge lies and the things of this world that we have wrongly yoked ourselves to.  We willingly and joyfully submit and commit more deeply to Him every day.  He teaches us how to survive  in this world, while truly “living” in His Kingdom.  He is training us for His Messiah’s return.  He has promised the faithful will rule and reign with Yeshua (which is still hard to even think of!), but we see today as training for tomorrow.  He teaches us how to express His love in tangible, meaningful ways to those around us in order that we may be a “light” to His Family and the Nations while living among them.  He teaches us how to be good stewards of the people and things that He has put in our care.  He has given us a love for Himself, His Messiah, His Word and His Holy Land that reside in the center of His Story.  This love bubbles up from within us in the unseen places – like a spring of water – of which we have no control and take no credit.  He continues to give us hope and strength and provision.

We are not perfect, but being perfected.   We are not smart, but growing in His wisdom and knowledge.  We are learning to “die to ourselves” daily so that we may be transformed into His likeness.  He is training us in love and righteousness.  You see…it is isn’t “about us”, but rather it is all about HIM!   May it always be so in our hearts, minds and our actions.   May we be a  living testimony of His Sovereignty,  love and provision – that is pleasing to Him. Baruch Yahowah!

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