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Biblical Calendar

The Ancient of Days extablished a calendar to be witnessed through His creation.  He tells us that the Sun, Moon and Stars are our calendar.  This is how he taught His people to count the days for Sabbath, to count the months for His Set A Part Feasts, and to count the yearly cycles – so that we may accurately worship and testify to Him who Created it all.  In our modern day lives, we have lost  touch with our Creator’s calendar and we need to “learn it all over again” so that we may observe it and teach our children how to observe it.  There are many opinions, methods and controversies around this topic – because it is yet another area that we (as a faithful people) have not been faithful in doing.  SOOOOO we are trying to learn it from Scratch once again.  We will share our process with you humbly and with a disclaimer that we may be missing pieces and are always learning along the way.  AS with every topic on this site but with special acknowledgment on this topic –  We pledge to keep teachable hearts and minds in the process of what is shared.

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