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Studying and understanding history is very important in protecting the Truth of the Word, The ministry of our Messiah and King, and the Name of Our Father.  We are not talking about world wars, politics, and the andvancements in art and science. NO, we are talking about the History of The Christian Church and Judiasm and The Faithful side by side with Bible, and changes in culture and docterine.  When wes started homeschooling and studying the Bible faithfully for ourselves, we started noticing some things in Scripture that …well left us wanting answers.  So we would bring questions to our Pastors and they would always quote “the ChurchFathers” (in otherwords, those men who led the Protestant Revelution). It stopped there for a while….but as we studied The Bible more…MORE questions rose… Why do we have over 3000 denominations in the Protestant Church while the Catholic church is still unified?  One thing the Protesants have in common is that we are always protesting how the other church does something.  Who is right? Or all we all walking in rebellion and this is our fruit?  How can we have SO many disagreements if we all share the same Savior, faith and Bible? When, how and why did the Sabbath change?  What about the “chosen people”? Who is chosen and what are they chosen for? The list goes and on and on…

We learned not to stop our Historical searches, but to keep going back and back and back….as we did, many things unfolded before our eyes.  The mistakes of our “church fathers” were documented and there for us to learn from.  We learned that those “fathers” included the Catholic Church and that we took many things from her, with us into our Protestant faith.  We learned that Yeshua spoke against these same things in Judiasm in His Time here and we can follow those paths back to Adam and forward to today as well…which is very intricately related to the mistakes of the Catholic/Protestant churches as well.  So much became more clear.  It made us questions our own choices and take resposibility for our own choices – because we were not longer ignorant to these mistakes.  As a matter of fact, we were set free from ” the sins of our fathers” when we became aware of them and chose not to pass them onto our children!  This brought us to a very serious cross road. One that required us to choose the religion of men (Rabbis,preiest, pastors and Denominations) and all of it’scomforts and trappings or to choose Faith, initmacy and full dependance on  The God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob and under the Kingship of Yeshua (Jesus) who was sent to the Lost Sheep who had gone astray in their religion.   This choice is one that costs us everything, yet the reward is walking intimately with our Savior as we learn to live lives of worship, service, love and faithfulness as HE defines it.

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